The International Adjustment Mechanism

conference 2 cover
Conference Series 2
October 8-10, 1969

The papers included in this volume were presented at a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in October 1969.


Entire Proceedings (8.8MB) pdf

Foreword pdf
Frank E. Morris

Panel: The International Adjustment Mechanism

Richard E. Caves pdf
Milton Friedman pdf
Milton Gilbert pdf
Gottfried Haberler pdf
Robert Solomon pdf

Stabilizing the Present International Payments System pdf
Sir Maurice H. Parsons, with discussion by Robert Triffin

Flexible Exchange Rates: A Transition Plan pdf
William Poole, with discussion by Eli Shapiro

The Case for Fixed Exchange Rates, 1969 pdf
Charles P. Kindleberger, with discussion by Milton Friedman

Widening the Band for Permissible Exchange Rate Fluctuations pdf
George N. Halm, with discussion by Richard E. Caves

Flexing the International Monetary System: The Case for Gliding Parities pdf
Richard N. Cooper, with discussion by J. Marcus Fleming

The Costs of Adjustment via Controls and an Alternative pdf
Norman S. Fieleke, with discussion by Ralph C. Bryant