International Payments Imbalances in the 1980s

International Payments Imbalances in the 1980s cover
Conference Series 32
October 1988


Entire Proceedings (12.9MB) pdf

International Payments Imbalances in the 1980s: An Overview pdf
Norman S. Fieleke

International Payments Imbalances in Japan, Germany, and the United States pdf
William H. Branson and Grazia Marchese; with discussion by Paul R. Krugman and Yoshio Suzuki

International Payments Imbalances in Heavily Indebted Developing Countries pdf
Norman S. Fieleke; with discussion by Ariel Buira and J. David Richardson

International Payments Imbalances of the East Asian Developing Economies pdf
Jeffrey D. Sachs and Mark W. Sundberg; with discussion by Richard C. Marston and Fai-Nan Perng

The Balance of Payments Adjustment Process in Taiwan, Republic of China pdf
Fai-nan Perng

International Capital Mobility and Exchange Rate Volatility pdf
Jeffrey A. Frankel; with discussion by Michael P. Dooley

The Adjustment Mechanism: Theory and Problems pdf
Rudiger Dornbusch; with discussion by W. Max Corden

Panel Discussion

To Coordinate or Not to Coordinate? pdf
Richard N. Cooper

International Nominal Targeting: A Proposal for Policy Coordination pdf
Jeffrey A. Frankel

The Coordination of Economic Policies pdf
Jacob A. Frenkel

The Requirements for Successful International Macroeconomic Cooperation pdf
Helmut Schlesinger