Consumer Payments Research Center

Contributing to informed public policy for payments systems

The Consumer Payments Research Center conducts survey, econometric, and theoretical research to contribute to public policy that maximizes the welfare of all members of the economy.

Credit CARD actSecurity of Retail Payments: The New Strategic Objective
Simulation results show security improvements would have only a small effect on the use of individual payment instruments.

Merchant Steering of Consumer Payment Choice
In 2012, only a small fraction of transactions received discounts or surcharges for payment method.
image of paper billsU.S. Consumer Demand for Cash
People with credit card debt do not change their cash holdings with interest rates.
chartVideo: Morning Coffee and Payment Choice
Why study consumer payment choice?


Summer visits by scholars from Columbia, Harvard, NYU

June 2014. Economists are visiting the Boston Fed this summer to explore opportunities for joint research on econometrics and consumer behavior. This summer's visitors include Andrew Hertzberg, Columbia; Theresa Kuchler, New York University; and Ariel Pakes, Harvard.

Visiting scholars may have access to data resources and may conduct collaborative research. Graduate students are invited to explore opportunities to use Consumer Payments Research Center data resources..

Learn more about opportunities for scholars.

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