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image of federal reserve bank of bostonThe Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, as part of the Federal Reserve System, promotes price stability and sustainable growth in New England and the nation. In support of this function, the Bank’s economists advise Federal Reserve decision-makers on monetary policy and financial markets. They conduct innovative research to further our understanding of monetary policy, the national and regional economy, markets, and supervisory policy. Through presentations, papers, publications, conferences, and advisory activities, they share their insights and expertise with fellow professionals, policymakers, and the public at large.

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Financial Frictions and the Reaction of Stock Prices to Monetary Policy Shocks
by Ali Ozdagli
Working Paper No. 14-6

Labor Market Exit and Re-Entry: Is the United States Poised for a Rebound in the Labor Force Participation Rate?
by Daniel Cooper and María José Luengo-Prado
Current Policy Perspectives No. 14-2

This Is What's in Your Wallet...and Here's How You Use It
by Tamás Briglevics and Scott Schuh
Working Paper No. 14-5

Consumer Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Comparison with Payment Diary Survey Data
by John Bagnall, David Bounie, Kim P. Huynh, Anneke Kosse, Tobias Schmidt, Scott Schuh, and Helmut Stix
Working Paper No. 14-4

The Ins and Arounds in the U.S. Housing Market
by Rüdiger Bachmann and Daniel Cooper
Working Paper No. 14-3

Labor Market Transitions and the Availability of Unemployment Insurance
by Katharine Bradbury
Working Paper No. 14-2

Tight Credit Conditions Continue to Constrain The Housing Recovery
by Jordan Rappaport and Paul Willen
Current Policy Perspectives No. 14-1

Merchant Steering of Consumer Payment Choice: Evidence from a 2012 Diary Survey
by Oz Shy and Joanna Stavins
Working Paper No. 14-1