Regional Review

Regional ReviewSummer 1996
Volume 6, Number 3


Time to Shop by John Campbell
Shopping is now America's primary leisure activity (television being a passivity). Americans spend more time in retail establishments -- almost an hour a day -- than anywhere else outside of home, work, and car.

The Kindness of Neighbors by Jane Katz
With their concern and respectful manner, Steczynski and cofounder Bob Grove have created a place where kids actually want to hang out, help out, even do school assignments in this low-income, ethnically diverse community bordering Logan Airport.

Across the Dialect by Steve Sass
The development of hot new technologies and the breakneck growth of high-tech firms mean little, economically speaking, if these new capabilities are not built into the productive process.

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Perspective: Teaching Economics

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Beam Me Up, Scotty. My Portfolio's in Warp Drive

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