Regional Review

Regional Review Quarter 4, 1998Quarter 4, 1998
Volume 8, Number 4


At Your Service by Jed David Kolko
In the long run, local industries play a key role in a region's economic character and prospects for growth.

E Pluribus Emu? by Jane Little
The introduction of a single European currency for use throughout the huge European market represents the biggest change in the international monetary system since the end of the dollar standard in 1971.

Hope on Credit by Miriam Wasserman
Propelled by the enthusiasm that Grameen and other developing country programs generated, microlending projects sprouted and spread around the world, reaching about 15 million people to date.

From Around the Region

Untangling the Causes of Recession

Issues in Economics
New England continues to grow, but more slowly than the nation

Letters to the Editor

Letter From...
Hartford, Connecticut

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