Regional Review

Regional Review Quarter 4, 1999Quarter 4, 1999
Volume 9, Number 2


Redefining Main Street by Miriam Wasserman
After three catastrophic fires, Randolph, Vermont, struggles to create a new role for its downtown

Big City Labor Markets, Inner-City Workers by Philip Moss and Chris Tilly
Can anyone who wants to work find a job? University of Massachusetts Professors Philip Moss and Chris Tilly ask urban employers what they are looking for in entry-level workers

Banking in the Age of Information Technology by John Jordan and Jane Katz
Banks are now making investments in the next generation of IT. Looking back at the last 20 years of banking industry upheaval may yield clues about what lies ahead

Musicians go online; the growth in construction jobs; Rhode Island's precious scrap and waste exports

Issues in Economics
In a strong economy, why has unemployment remained so high?

From Our Bookshelf
When thinking about the ethical dilemmas posed by tax deductions and insider trading, we can adhere to principle or focus on the best outcome

Letter from
North Adams, MA

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