Regional Review

Regional Review Quarter 1, 2000Quarter 1, 2000
Volume 10, Number 1


Urban Sprawl by Miriam Wasserman
Everybody hates it, but nobody is quite sure how to measure the cost or even how to define it. No wonder sprawl has been so hard to stop.

The Murder Mystery by Lee McIntyre
There is no simple explanation for the recent drop in homicide.

Making the Numbers by Jane Katz
Accounting has never been an exact science. Managers have room for discretion, but this also gives them the opportunity to manage earnings.

Finding the right venture partner; colleges chase first-time donors; the impact of school prestige on future income; is there a connection between state unemployment rates and increases in annual pay?

Issues in Finance
What portfolio theory can (and can't) tell us about whether U.S. investors should be investing overseas.

Mapping the Economy
Floating rates are volatile and conventional pegs are vulnerable. So how are countries making the hard choices involved in adopting an exchange rate regime?

Letter from
Westport, MA

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