Regional Review

Regional Review
Quarter 3, 2000
Volume 10, Number 3


Childcare on Board by Lee McIntyre
Fewer than 10 percent of companies offer their workers on-site daycare. What can we learn from those that do?

Mining Data by Miriam Wasserman
With the latest technology, firms get better at extracting value from the information they collect on customers

Motoring Toward a Better Future by Peter Fortune
A review of two innovative financial planning tools developed by leading economists

Finding information technology workers abroad; Will lobster farms eventually replace lobster traps?

Letters from Readers
The architects who designed MASS MoCA reveal how everything old was made new again; two views on "Urban Sprawl"

Perspective by Lynn E. Browne
When totaling up investment spending on computers, it doesn’t always make sense to adjust for price changes

Issues in Economics by Katharine Bradbury
The current strong U .S. expansion is reducing — but not eliminating — the gap between black and white unemployment rates

Letter from Weybridge, Vermont, and the Dominican Republic by Julia Alvarez

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