Regional Review

Regional ReviewQuarter 2, 2001
Volume 11, Number 2



The Last Hunting Economy by Miriam Wasserman
Fishing was once an open field where the adventurous and the skilled were free to enter. Are those days gone?

Teens in the Workforce by Alison Morantz
Paid work is a fact of life for most American teenagers. How can we minimize its risks and enhance its benefits?

’Til Death Do U$ Part by Jane Katz
Neither side is happy with recent changes in the estate tax. Maybe we can do better when it comes time to revisit the issue.

Women are better than men at managing their portfolios, but mainly because they have less confidence; spending on pets increases as Fido becomes part of the family

Issues in Economics by Yolanda K. Kodrzycki 
With the demand for high-skill workers expected to remain strong, states are interested in what factors attract and retain recent college graduates

From Our Bookshelf by Richard E. Caves
Successful entrepreneurship is less dependent on "the vision thing" than on tenacity and the willingness to adapt

Letter from Cambridge, Massachusetts by Donna Beers

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