Regional Review

Regional ReviewQuarter 2, 2002
Volume 12, Number 2
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Trouble in Coffee Lands by Miriam Wasserman
The slump in coffee bean prices has put farmers in many producing countries in peril. So why does a double mocha latte cost $3.75?
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Preserving Our Past by Carrie Conaway
When a modern architectural treasure is also the site of an ongoing business, how do we decide whether to preserve the past or make way for the future?
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Upstairs, Downstairs by David H. Autor, Frank Levy, and
Assessing the differing impacts of a new computer technology on skills and pay in two departments of a large bank.
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Investing in fine art versus the stock market; shopping for a new car over the Internet.
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Perspective by David Cutler, Jonathan Gruber, Raymond Hartman, Joseph Newhouse, and Meredith Rosenthal
Smoking out the social and economic benefits of the 1998 tobacco settlement for Massachusetts.
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Letter from Jaffrey, New Hampshire by Jane Harrigan
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