Regional Review
Regional ReviewQuarter 4, 2002
Volume 12, Number 4
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Get Me Headquarters! by Jane Katz
Since 1960, New England has shown continued success in attracting and retaining large corporate headquarters. What is less clear is whether the benefits they bring are as great as in the past.
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Doing Well by Doing Time? by Carrie Conaway
About 1.3 million people are incarcerated each year in federal and state prisons. Almost all will eventually be released. Can working while in prison help prepare them for life on the outside?
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Analyzing economic behavior using virtual world cybergames; a hidden cost of New England’s cold winters.
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Letter from Appleton, Maine by Linda Tatelbaum
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Issues in Economics by Katharine Bradbury and Jane Katz
Are lifetime incomes growing more unequal? New evidence on family income mobility in the 1990s suggests that the answer may be yes.
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Perspective by Lynn Sharp Paine
Recent corporate wrongdoing has focused attention on punishing the “bad apples.” But bad people don’t have a monopoly on bad deeds, and even decent people may find themselves doing wrong unless firms integrate ethics into their organizations.
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