Regional Review

Regional Review Quarter 2, 2003Quarter 2, 2003
Volume 13, Number 2
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Putting Out the Welcome Mat by Kristin Lovejoy
New England receives more than 100 million visitors every year. But assessing their impact on the local economy is tricky; and the answer partly depends on where you look.
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A Requiem for Classical Music? by Julie Lee
Experts have been regularly predicting the death of classical music for decades. Yet, CD sales and audience attendance seems to be holding steady. Perhaps the real problem is keeping the music relevant to future audiences.
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Like Father, Like Son by Carrie Conaway
Our Yankee ancestors were known for their hard work, individualism, and aversion to excessive displays of wealth. Although much has changed since then, New England still shows remnants of its Puritan past.
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Affording a car in China; housing assistance provided by employers
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Issues in Economics by Jane Katz
Economists have begun to take seriously the information they gain by actually asking people how they feel about inflation, unemployment, and other policy issues.
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Letter from Portland, Maine by Terry Farish
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