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August 3, 2007 pdf
Market Analysis for Period Ending August 1, 2007

Please note: The Stock Market Report was discontinued in June 2007.
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The Stock Market Report incorporates technical and fundamental analysis commonly used by investment professionals to interpret the direction and valuation of equity markets, as well as tools commonly used by economists to determine the health of financial markets and their impact on the domestic U.S. economy. The purpose is to provide a synopsis of equity markets from as many disciplines as possible, so that readers may find in one document a cross-section of viewpoints at a given time that will place in perspective much of the available information.

Published the week before each FOMC meeting, the Stock Market Report contains charts and text that incorporate daily data, so publication dates revolve around market events. The year-end report, published in January, includes additional charts with annual data.

The Stock Market Report is in no way an endorsement of any one mode of study or source of advice on which one should base investment decisions. While most of the technical indicators chosen are frequently used, and the goal is to portray a set of charts and outlook consistent with Wall Street, the indicators are selected based on our ability to interpret and explain them to investment professionals, policymakers from other fields, and the general public. Therefore, the viewpoint portrayed and any predictions presented as to future market performance imitate, but never replicate, those of any one private or public financial institution. They do not reflect the views of the Federal Reserve System, and they are published to improve public knowledge but are not validated with regard to accuracy of data or analysis and cannot be used for professional purposes.

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Stock Market Report