Fed Trivia: Currency

Test your knowledge of U.S. Currency on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

This free mobile application, developed and maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, encourages players to learn about and test their knowledge of U.S. currency and coins. Questions range from currency symbols and security features to the note images depicted and the cost of printing and minting.

Who Can Win with Fed Trivia: Currency?

  • Coin and currency enthusiasts wanting to test their knowledge,
  • Middle- and high-school students needing to learn about our nation's currency history,
  • Educators searching for fun, interactive tools to engage their classrooms,
  • Anyone looking to learn about currency!

How to Play

Learn about currency by answering questions and earning points. Collect and use coins to help along the way. Buy hints, earn bonuses, and learn more to get a higher score. Each card stands for one of the seven US currency notes. Play through all seven cards to win the game.
Be careful! Earn at least 200 points per card or the game is over.

Answering Questions 

Each card has five questions and two possible bonus questions. Advance through the game by answering questions correctly. Use coins to buy up to two hints per question. Each hint takes away one wrong answer. If the player answers a question incorrectly, the player can use a coin to buy a retry. Buying a hint takes away the option to retry.

Earning Points

The goal of the game is to earn the most points. Players get points for answering questions correctly. Questions are worth 100 points. Buying one hint drops the points to 75, buying two hints drops the points to 50.  Retries are worth 50 points.

Learn More

After answering a question, players have the option to learn more. Reading or scanning the facts can help correctly answer upcoming questions!

Earning Bonuses

Get three questions correct on a card without retrying, and earn a bonus question. Get all five questions on a card correct, and earn a second bonus question. Bonus questions are played like normal questions except that all point values are doubled and no coins are earned for a correct answer.

Collecting & Using Coins

Players collect one coin for each correct answer. Use coins to buy hints and retries. At the end of the game, coins are converted to points (10 points per coin).

Earning Stars

Earn one of three stars on each card: bronze, silver, or gold. Stars are displayed with
high scores in the scoreboard.  

Bronze= 200-400
Silver = 401-600
Gold= 601+

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