Smart Choices, Great Futures
Higher Education in Massachusetts

This publication was developed and written by Crittenton Women’s Union with the sponsorship of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.

smart choices, great futures coverHigher education can help you increase the skills that lead to a career with higher pay and better benefits. However, choosing a school can be overwhelming, and attending school can be expensive.

Here are some tips to help you choose the path that is best for you.

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What's Inside

  • What should I study?
  • Where should I study?
  • What should I do before applying to school?
  • What should I do before enrolling?
  • How can I pay for school?
  • Why types of financial aid are there?
  • How can I use financial aid to make school more affordable?
  • What are other ways I can minimize the cost of school?
  • Where can I find additional information?

Complete Booklet pdf