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AEA/ASSA 2015 Booth #422

Survey of Consumer Finances

U.S. families' balance sheets, pensions, and income

Mean household net worth by age group, 2007-2013

Survey of Household Economics & Decisionmaking

U.S. households' financial and economic well-being in
the wake of the Great Recession

Compared to five years ago, are you better off, worse off, or the same financially?

Survey of Consumer Payment Choice

How consumers adopt, use, and assess paper, plastic, and
electronic payment instruments

Shares of consumer payments by instrument type 2008-2012

Diary of Consumer Payment Choice

Detailed information about purchases and payments, including cash use,
merchant type, payment amount

Consumer payments, 2012

Survey of Consumer Expectations

How consumers expect inflation, labor market, and household finance
to change over time

Inflation expectations

Consumers and Mobile Financial Services

How consumers use mobile technology for banking, payments,
budgeting, and shopping

Using your mobile phone, have you done each of these in the past 12 months?
(Among mobile banking users)

Federal Reserve Payments Study

Comprehensive picture of all noncash transactions in the United States

Trends in noncash payments 2000-2012 by number and type of transaction

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