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2015 Releases

December 8, 2015 Nomation Period Opens for Membership on Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
November 9, 2015 Assessing the Economy's Progress
November 5, 2015 Ten Working Cities Receive Design Grants In Second Round Of Boston Fed Competition
September 29, 2015 Boston Fed President, Governor Raimondo and Secretary Pryor Announce Collaborative Economic Development Efforts
July 10, 2015 Boston Fed President Discusses Economic Uncertainty and its Implications for Monetary Policy
June 1, 2015 Boston Fed President Makes Case for Continued Patience in Monetary Policy; Awaits Improved Economic Data
May 26, 2015 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Appoints New General Auditor
April 16, 2015 Boston Fed President Discusses Changing Economic Relationships and the Implications for Monetary Policy
April 15, 2015 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Appoints Senior Officer
March 26, 2015 New Boston Fed report analyzes assets and debts among subpopulations in the greater Boston area; finds large disparities
February 5, 2015 Lessons Learned from the U.S. Experience with Quantitative Easing: Boston Fed President
February 3, 2015 Boston Fed Announces 2015 Board of Directors
January 30, 2015 Boston Fed President Addresses Cyber Security and Financial Stability
January 21, 2015 Boston Fed Announces Members of 2015 Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
January 14, 2015 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Appoints Two Senior Officers
January 3, 2015 Boston Fed President Discusses Conditions for Monetary Policy Normalization

2014 Releases

November 10, 2014 Boston Fed President Discusses the Challenge of Inflation That Is Too Low Rather Than Too High
November 5, 2014 Boston Fed President Sees Risks to Financial Stability in Some Institutions' Reliance on Short-Term Wholesale Funding
November 1, 2014 Nomination Period Opens for Membership on Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
October 18, 2014 Boston Fed President: Equalizing Economic Opportunity Begins at the Community Level
October 8, 2014 Boston Fed Research Provides New Profile of Regional Demand for H-1B Visas
September 23, 2014 Federal Reserve’s Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup Discusses Tokenization Landscape in the U.S.; Finds Opportunities and Challenges
September 5, 2014 Boston Fed President Assesses Labor Markets, Sees Significant Labor Market Slack
August 13, 2014 Boston Fed President Describes Lingering Concerns over Broker-Dealer Financing and Regulation
June 9, 2014 Rosengren Discusses New Monetary Policy Tools – Impacts, Lessons, and Possibilities
May 20, 2014 New Boston Fed Research Examines Causes of Public Pension Underfunding
April 15, 2014 Boston Fed President: Economy Improving, but Accommodative Monetary Policy Still Very Warranted
March 24, 2014 Boston Fed Announces Members of 2014 Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
February 26, 2014 Boston Fed President: Labor Market "Slack" Compels a Patient Approach to Removing Accommodative Monetary Policy
February 6, 2014 Boston Fed President: Look Past the Narrow Unemployment Rate to See Economy’s Challenges
February 3, 2014 Nomination Period Opens for Membership on Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
January 16, 2014 New Boston Fed Research Examines How States Assess the Affordability of Their Debt
January 15, 2014 Six Massachusetts Cities Win Competition Focused on Cross-sector Civic Collaboration
January 7, 2014 Boston Fed President: Outlook Improving, but Economy Still Far from Where We Need to Be
January 4, 2014 Boston Fed President Rosengren Describes “Policymaking with a Diversity of Views”

2013 Releases

December 20, 2013 Statement of Eric S. Rosengren
November 18, 2013 Simplicity and Complexity in Capital Regulation
November 4, 2013 Boston Fed President Assesses Weak Economic Recovery, and the Policy Response
October 11, 2013 Boston Fed President Discusses the Communication Challenges for Central Banks
October 2, 2013 Boston Fed President Details the Thinking – and Data – Behind His Recent Vote on Policy
October 2, 2013 New ‘Intern Hub’ Website Connects Students and Employers to Promote Graduate Retention across New England
September 27, 2013 Boston Fed President Rosengren Advocates for Effective Money Market Mutual Fund Reform
September 12, 2013 The 12 Federal Reserve Bank Presidents Encourage Money Market Mutual Fund Reform; Submit Joint Letter Commenting on the SEC’s Proposal
August 1, 2013 Boston Fed Introduces New, User-Friendly Way to Analyze Census Bureau Data
July 16, 2013 Boston Fed Study Examines Impact of Recent Financial Crisis on Capital Positions of Large U.S. Financial Institutions
June 11, 2013 Twenty Mass. Cities Are Sharpening Their Bids for “Working Cities” Grant Money
June 3, 2013 New England Regularly Ranks Lowest in Recent College Graduate Retention, Says Boston Fed Study
May 6, 2013 Fed’s Industry Workgroup Reflects on Last Two Years of Mobile Payments Marked by Fragmentation and Increasing Channel Convergence
May 3, 2013 Working Cities Challenge Encourages Collaborative Leadership
March 29, 2013 Boston Fed Releases Online Games, Sharpening Economic Understanding
February 14, 2013 Boston Fed Highlights Regional Consolidation as Opportunity for Local Governments to Reduce Costs, Improve Service Quality
February 12, 2013 All Twelve Federal Reserve Bank Presidents Support Money Market Mutual Fund Reform in Joint Letter to the Financial Stability Oversight Council
February 6, 2013 Boston Fed Announces 2013 Board of Directors
January 10, 2013 Mobile Payments Solutions Found Secure; Consumer Security Adoption Concerns
January 9, 2013 Organizations Focused on Internships Agree to Collaborate, Expand Their Impact
January 8, 2013 Boston Fed Announces Members of 2013 Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

2008 Releases

October 24, 2008 Federal Reserve Issues Study on Concentrated Poverty
July 17, 2008 Gillette Stadium to Host Foreclosure Prevention Workshop for Struggling Homeowners
June 18, 2008 Fed Sets Up National Minority-Owned Bank Program offsite
The Federal Reserve System today launched Partnership for Progress, an outreach and technical assistance program for minority-owned and de novo institutions.
June 5, 2008 Mortgage Relief Initiative Expands and Evolves



2006 Releases

April 12 , 2006 Choate Rosemary Hall wins 11th Annual Fed Challenge Regional Championship at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
January 13, 2006 Boston Fed Announces 2006 Board of Directors


2005 Releases

December 8, 2005 Boston Fed Releases New Community Developments Publication pdf
July 22, 2005 Boston Fed Releases International Remittances Report pdf
April 7, 2005 Boston Fed Releases Reaching the Top: Challenges and Opportunities for Women Leaders
March 4, 2005 Palmer High School Wins State LifeSmarts Championship pdf
January 28, 2005 Boston Fed Creates Two New Policy Centers pdf
January 13, 2005 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Announces 2005 Board of Directors pdf


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2004 Releases

November 1, 2004 Analysis of New England's Immigrants pdf
June 7, 2004 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Announces Public Policy Discussion Papers Series
May 18, 2004

Boston Fed Issues Robo de Identidad (a Spanish version of Identity Theft)

El Boston Fed Publica el Folleto Robo de Identidad

January 8, 2004 Boston Fed Announces 2004 Board of Directors


2003 Releases

December 23, 2003 Public meetings on proposal of Bank of America Corporation offsite
October 8, 2003 New England Economic Adventure Opens
February 6, 2003

Federal Reserve Banks Announce Changes to Increase Efficiency in Check Services as Check Volumes Decline Nationwide pdf icon

January 16, 2003 Boston Fed Releases Identity Theft Booklet pdf icon


2002 Releases

August 14, 2002

Revisions to Federal Reserve Study Suggest Check Use Peaked in the Mid-1990s pdf icon

For more information, read the FRS study: “The Use of Checks and Other Noncash Payment Instruments in the United States” (from Federal Reserve Bulletin, August 2002)

January 28, 2002

Boston Fed Announces 2002 Board of Directors


2001 Releases

November 14, 2001

Fed Announces Results of Study of the Payments System First Authoritative Study in 20 Years offsite

September 14, 2001 Federal Reserve Banks Report on Operations pdf icon
September 11, 2001

Federal Reserve Banks Open and Operational pdf icon

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