Our Organization & People

Our Foundation

At the Boston Fed, we strive to strengthen the Bank’s ability to achieve its mission by building a more inclusive environment and continuously advancing diversity and equity throughout the workforce. We strive to infuse diversity and inclusion into the Bank's culture, idea-vetting process, recruitment and retention practices, management expectations, leadership development, and business activities.

We ensure diversity, inclusion, and equity at every level of the organization by:

  • Making diversity and inclusion a conscious part of every employee’s business conduct and of our organizational culture
  • Fostering an environment of open, responsive, and proactive communication
  • Sustaining and nurturing our diversity efforts through frequent critical self-reflection
  • Working proactively to ensure that our recruitment and retention practices keep pace with the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce
  • Offering internal and external professional development opportunities and rewards based on performance and contributions
  • Promoting a work environment characterized by creativity, dynamism, responsiveness, proactiveness, integrity, honesty, fairness, and respect.

EEO statement

The Boston Fed’s Board of Directors has declared unanimously that it is policy of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to:

  • Provide equal opportunity to all persons without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information in all actions, including employment, promotion, transfer, termination, wages, benefits and other conditions and privileges of employment.
  • Take action to prevent harassment or intimidation of all employees and to ensure that there is no retaliation against individuals who exercise rights protected by the policy.
  • Encourage participation by minority vendors in supplying needed goods and services in the Banks’ purchasing requirements.
  • Encourage equal opportunities among the Bank’s contractors.
  • Establish valid and reliable criteria against which to measure the success of the equal opportunity efforts.
  • Provide an example of achievement to the financial community of the First District and to the Federal Reserve System in ensuring equal opportunities.
  • Provide information and technical assistance as requested to financial institutions in the First District regarding establishment and administration of equal opportunity programs.
  • Delegate to officers, managers, and supervisors the responsibility for achieving the equal opportunity objectives within their respective areas of administration.
  • Be an active participant in community activities directed toward improved educational and employment training opportunities for the economically disadvantaged.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is dedicated to advancing and supporting diversity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunity at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The Bank recognizes the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity and the strength that comes from diverse perspectives, ideas and approaches. As mandated by section 342 of the Dodd Frank Act, the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI), a component of the ODEI, is responsible for all facets of diversity in the management, employment and business activities of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

The team works to achieve fair access to career and procurement opportunities, better business outcomes, and a level playing field for training and development, key assignments, mentors, and promotion.

The ODEI uses both quantitative and qualitative data combined with management, staff and community engagement to achieve its objectives. The five primary objectives of the OEDI are:

  1. Inclusion: To create an open and inclusive environment for fostering ideas, innovation, and employee engagement.
  2. Management: To support development of the Bank’s internal talent pool and pipeline.
  3. Employment: To assist in improving the diversity of the Bank’s talent acquisition pool and pipeline.
  4. Business: To increase the Bank’s business with minority- and women-owned vendors with respect to both pool and pipeline.
  5. Leadership: To demonstrate collaborative leadership through effective partnerships with industry peers.

ODEI’s Supplier Diversity Outreach Program

The Boston Fed maintains a diverse pool of qualified goods and services suppliers by participating in diverse vendor fairs, joining membership organizations that share our commitment to diversity, and by using diverse supplier databases to search for qualified companies. Through these efforts, we are proud to provide small, minority, and women-owned businesses with equal opportunities to compete to supply the Bank with goods and services.

Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

This employee-run committee assists the Reserve Bank with the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives, acts as ambassadors for our diversity efforts, raises any issues or concerns, and shares ideas for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


Employee Resource Groups & Affinity Groups

The Boston Fed offers employees the chance to participate in employee resource groups (ERGs) and affinity groups with a specific interest. ERGs and affinity groups are a valuable component of the Bank’s diversity strategy.

Employee Resource Groups:

  • A Nossa is a group of staff devoted to promoting the development, recruitment, and advancement of Portuguese speaking talent and people of Portuguese descent while increasing awareness of topics concerning and of interest to Portuguese communities.
  • A1-Fact is a forum for LGBTQ employees to network and to build a supportive environment to enhance the Reserve Bank’s standing as an employer of choice for LGBTQ talent.
  • Adelante! is a group for the recruitment, growth, leadership, and retention of Hispanic/Latino talent at the Reserve Bank.
  • APEX, the Asian Professionals for Excellence is a group of employees interested in discussing, sharing, and exploring professional and leadership development opportunities, and contributing to the growth, recruitment, and retention of Asian/Asian-American talent.
  • Eminence is a resource group to enhance career development and engagement of the Reserve Bank's seasoned workers and promote cross-generational understanding and collaboration.
  • First Nation is a group of employees who share an interest in learning more about and promoting awareness of the history, traditions, and professional achievements of indigenous peoples throughout the United States and the world.
  • LEAD in Women is a group of employees who share a common interest in discussing, sharing, and exploring professional and leadership development opportunities.
  • neXus is a group committed to actively contributing to the growth and development of self-identifying black employees with a focus on recruitment, retention, engagement, and talent development.
  • Veterans ERG is a forum to celebrate, raise awareness, and promote the continued contributions veterans make to the Reserve Bank.

Affinity Groups:

  • Caregivers resource group is a forum where employees who have a family member with disabilities can share, exchange, and learn from each other.
  • Professional administrative services affinity group aims to develop and share best practices among administrative support staff, provide superior customer service, and administrative skills support through individual and pooled resource capabilities while serving as a repository for a variety of business and technical information.
  • Project managers is a group to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices and promote networking among employees who perform project management roles.


Annual Reports to Congress
An annual summary of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston practices that foster diversity and inclusion in areas related to the Bank’s workforce, suppliers, and financial literacy.

Employer Information (EEO-1) Reports
An annual report of the demographic representation of the Bank's employee population to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Advisory Councils

Senior Diversity Advisory Council
A group of senior Boston Fed officers who provide advice, thought leadership, feedback and guidance to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion regarding programs, initiatives, and strategy.

External Diversity Advisory Council
A council of leaders from outside the Bank which works collaboratively with the president and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to provide advice, counsel, thought leadership, and feedback regarding possible Boston Fed actions, initiatives, and strategies.