Brandeis International Business School and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston are hosting the fourth annual Municipal Finance Conference in Boston on Friday, August 7, 2015. The one-day conference, which will be held at the Boston Fed, will bring together academics, practitioners, regulators and issuers to discuss the changing state of municipal capital markets and how to analyze and adapt to the changing landscape. The objective of this conference is to highlight practice-relevant and policy-relevant research on municipal finance and to advance a dialogue among market participants and academic researchers on municipal markets.


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Award Sponsor

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The James A. Lebenthal Memorial "Excellence in Municipal Finance Research" prize, a $2,500 award for best paper submitted for this conference, was sponsored solely by Washington University in St. Louis


Friday, August 7, 2015


Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
600 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02210



Photo of David A. Abel

David A. Abel
William Blair

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Manuel Adelino
Duke University

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Jennie Bai
Georgetown University

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Daniel Bergstresser
Brandeis International Business School

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Timothy J. Coffin

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