December 1, 1999

Beating the Clock by Miriam Wasserman

As the number of dual-earner couples increases, American families must figure out how two people can manage three jobs.


Can Pro Sports Survive Prosperity? by Robert Jabaily

Business is booming and the quality of play is as good as ever. So why can't the millionaires and billionaires stop fighting and find a way to share the wealth?


When the Economy Goes South by Jane Katz

How do recessions happen? Seventy years after the Great Depression, economists are still not completely certain.



New England's psychiatrists; online MBAs; the spread of prepaid phone cards



A reader on the launch of the euro and what it means for business strategies



The Internet is a shopping revolution, but who will end up in power?


Issues in Transportation

After almost a century of decline, passenger trains in New England make a comeback


Letter from

Providence, RI