The International Monetary System: Forty Years After Bretton Woods

The International Monetary System: Forty Years After Bretton Woods cover
Conference Series 28
May 1984


Entire Proceedings (17.1MB) pdf

Summary pdf
Jeffrey H. Bergstrand

Reflections on Bretton Woods 1944 pdf
Edward M. Bernstein

Is There a Need for Reform? pdf
Richard N. Cooper; with discussion by Lord Eric Roll, Ariel Buira, and Anthony M. Solomon

International Liquidity: Are the Supply and Composition Appropriate? pdf
John Williamson; with discussion by W. Max Corden

International Emergency Lending Facilities: Are They Adequate? pdf
Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski; with dicussion by Charles P. Kindleberger

Exchange Rate Arrangements in the Eighties pdf
Robert V. Roosa; with discussion by Jacob A. Frenkel

The European Monetary System: Tombstone or Cornerstone? pdf
Robert Triffin; with discussion by Robert Solomon

International Capital Movements: The Tail that Wags the Dog pdf
Henry C. Wallich; with discussion by Robert Z. Aliber

Adjustments in World Payments: An Evaluation pdf
Otmar Emminger; with discussion by Rudiger Dornbusch

The Conditions Attached to Adjustment Financing pdf
Adolfo C. Diz; with discussion by Eduardo Wiesner

The Role of the International Monetary Fund pdf
Jacques J. Polak; with discussion by C. Fred Bergsten