Saving Costs through Regional Consolidation: Public Safety Answering Points in Massachusetts

New England Public Policy Center Policy Brief 13-1
by Yolanda Kodrzycki and Angela Cools

Full-text brief pdf

As local governments seek to address growing financial challenges, many will consider a variety of cost-cutting measures, including joint service provision with other localities.  This policy brief examines the potential savings from large-scale service-sharing arrangements, using the specific example of emergency call handling and dispatch in Massachusetts.  The analysis finds that consolidation can significantly reduce costs, and recommends that state policymakers consider options to encourage local consolidation.

This policy brief builds on the Center’s 2013 research report, “The Quest for Cost-Efficient Local Government in New England: What Role for Regional Consolidation?”which shows that other services, such as public health and pension administration, and other states, such as Connecticut, could also achieve significant savings through regional consolidation.

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