Retaining Recent College Graduates in New England: An Update on Current Trends

New England Public Policy Center Policy Brief 13-2
by Alicia Sasser Modestino

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Press release

This policy brief presents some basic facts about the retention of recent college graduates and changes in retention over time. It considers how New England compares with other divisions, what factors affect its ability to retain graduates, and the reasons why recent college graduates choose to leave New England. It also highlights a Boston-area initiative to promote internships as a retention tool.

State Data Appendix

This brief builds on the Center’s 2008 research report, “The Future of the Skilled Labor Force in New England: The Supply of Recent College Graduates.” That report investigated the factors that affect the stock of recent college graduates, how those factors have changed over time, and their relative importance in explaining the slower growth of this segment of the labor force.

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