Northwest Vermont

Implementation Grant Awardee
Grand Isle County Franklin County

Challenge Challenge

Regional systemic problems related to housing availability, affordability, and quality have caused a loss of workforce talent and decreased workforce participation. This has disproportionately impacted vulnerable populations, including low-income individuals with scarce resources and barriers to supports and services. Creating an equitable housing system will foster economic stability for individuals and the region.

Strategy Strategy

  • Use quantitative methods to understand the housing needs of the region and form equitable, long-term solutions
  • Develop a “housing needs analysis” to provide data from all population sectors and make equitable, long-term solutions with the fewest unintended consequences
  • Increase communication, understanding, and shared goals between regional public and private entities, then use those relationships to build partnerships that can address future housing problems
  • Use stable housing to help residents find, gain, and sustain employment, so they can achieve economic success and be better positioned for upward mobility

Vision Vision

Provide access to diverse housing types that are safe, accessible, affordable, and energy-and location-efficient, with proximity to jobs, services, schools, recreation, and a variety of transportation options. Housing will serve as a foundation for individuals to lead full and healthy lives, for communities to be vibrant and inclusive, and for the local and regional economy to grow and prosper.

The Team The Team

  • Northwest Regional Planning Commission
  • Community College of Vermont
  • Town of St. Albans
  • United Way of Northwest Vermont
  • Franklin County Caring Communities
  • Northwest Medical Center
  • Town of Swanton
  • Northwest Counseling & Support Services
  • Samaritan House
  • Franklin Grand Isle Community Action
  • Town of Enosburgh
  • Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation
  • Creative Workforce Solutions
  • Town of Fairfax
  • Lake Champlain Islands Economic Development