2022 Visiting Fellows Paid Positions 2022 Visiting Fellows Paid Positions

Commencing in 2022, R&CO’s former Visiting Scholar program is now the Visiting Fellows program, a new model designed to advance scholarly and policy-relevant research in areas related to R&CO’s work through participation in a cohort of approximately three early/mid-career and established scholars who work in a similar topical area. Scholars at all levels, including graduate PhD candidates, are welcome and encouraged to apply. These paid positions offer scholars the opportunity to join a research community, broaden their network, build a topical field, and impact policy.

The theme for the 2022 R&CO Fellowship is: Equitable Employment in a Post-Pandemic Economy. The current struggle to find a service workforce to staff newly reopened businesses suggests that the pandemic brought to light the difficult conditions that low-wage workers routinely face and shifted our tolerance for maintaining a bifurcated labor market. We invite research proposals examining issues related to job quality and low-wage work in the post-pandemic service economy, including:

  • Patterns between groups regarding return to low-wage work (parents, women, people of color),
  • What employers could do to incentivize workers to return to the labor force under improved working conditions (wages, scheduling, etc.),
  • Policy proposals to reform the social safety net to adequately sustain those who truly cannot work or for whom work is not sufficient for meeting basic needs.

The fellowship creates a yearlong communal environment intended to foster intellectual stimulation and improve the rigor and quality of the work produced. We invite proposals for research projects that will result in an original issue brief (see examples here), which will be published on the Boston Fed’s website and disseminated through our channels. Issue briefs are cited in the academic literature and covered by national press outlets. They have crossover appeal to both academic and general audiences.

Through the course of the year, the fellows each give an initial and a final presentation on their work to the department (in person if possible), engage in regular cohort meetings (in person or virtual) to workshop their projects, and produce an issue brief. Each fellow is assigned a staff liaison from R&CO’s research team, who facilitates the process. Fed publications require several rounds of internal and external review; fellows should be prepared for multiple revisions. The Boston Fed has a highly effective communications team to support dissemination of the research and any requested follow-up.

Each fellow will receive $15,000. Funds will be disbursed according to the following schedule:

  • Initial presentation: outline and preliminary findings (Feb-Mar) $3500
  • Final presentation and draft ready for review (Aug-Sept) $5000
  • Revised draft following reviews (Oct) $5000
  • Published brief following additional revisions as required (Dec) $1500

The inaugural meeting of the cohort will be held (virtually) January 15, 2022.  Please send applications (see instructions below) to communitydevelopment@bos.frb.org by October 31, 2021, with the subject line: Visiting Fellows Program. Finalists will be notified by November 30, 2021.

Application Instructions

Applicants should submit the following to the email noted above:

  • Letter of interest
  • CV
  • Three- to four-page research proposal including:
    • Research question(s)
    • Abstract (200 words)
    • Relevance to topical area (200 words)
    • Background (500 words)
    • Data sources (include power analysis if relevant)
    • Analytic plan (500 words)
    • Relevance of potential findings to policy (200 words)
    • Optional additional information (500 words)

Interested parties may direct questions regarding the program or application process to communitydevelopment@bos.frb.org.