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Diversity Diversity

We believe in the strength that comes from diverse perspectives, ideas, and approaches to solving important business problems. Our organization embraces diverse employees, constituents, and community partnerships. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are celebrated through numerous educational programs, development initiatives, and cultural enrichment activities that take place throughout the year.

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Culture Culture

At the Boston Fed, our mission is to promote a strong, resilient, and inclusive economy and financial system for New England. We strive to do the right things in the right ways and take appropriate risks to achieve our goals.

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Benefits Benefits

Benefits and compensation play a central role in the employer you choose, so we work to make sure our compensation package is comparable with top employers. Our goal is to provide you with the resources, tools, and flexibility you need to be successful in your work – all without giving up other important dimensions of your life.

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"I became a senior risk specialist in the Boston Fed’s Supervision, Regulation & Credit department after working in the Bank's Internal Audit department for 12 years. This change gave me the opportunity to meet new colleagues and develop my knowledge of large, systemically important financial institutions and supervisory processes. There are many opportunities to move around the organization, which creates a conducive environment for professional development and great career experiences. Opportunities like this make the Bank a great place to work."

Clement Nganga, Supervision, Regulation & Credit

Social Impact Social Impact

Giving back through volunteering is important and valued at the Bank. Employees are provided with paid vacation time to support a vibrant community service program. A volunteer council organizes numerous opportunities for teams of employees to use their skills, talents, and passions to address local community needs. Employees volunteer in many capacities, from mentoring youth, to helping low-income residents claim tax benefits, to providing job readiness training.

Innovation Innovation

The Bank encourages employees to solve problems in creative ways. It is an innovative workplace! Its products, services, and business models are continually evolving and being tested. Some of the Bank’s most innovative initiatives – from new services for local banks and the federal government, to the Working Cities Challenge – have been created by employees who have stretched the boundaries of the Federal Reserve’s “traditional” roles and responsibilities. The current trends in FinTech, consumer payments, demographics, and labor markets offer plenty of opportunities to find new ways to do things, and the Bank is diligent about staying connected with the dynamic innovation community in Greater Boston.

Environmental Responsibility Environmental Responsibility

At the Boston Fed, sustainability is in our DNA: elements of energy conservation are evident in the very design of our building. With a track record of environmental leadership in the Federal Reserve System and in the local business community, we are committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment through initiatives that integrate sustainable practices and utilize industry knowledge, technology, and innovation.

The Real Estate Services Group’s sustainability program provides a strategic framework for the Bank’s efforts in support of responsible and proactive environmental stewardship. Our efforts include identifying and implementing systemic and operational changes focused on energy reduction and waste management, exploring nationally recognized certification opportunities, and continuing to share best practices and sustainable solutions with our partners in the System and our community.

We also engage with employees from the Bank and our tenant firms in sustainability-related efforts through Building Tomorrow, a building-wide green team which fosters a culture of sustainability through educational resources, events, and volunteer opportunities.

"I’ve been working at the Bank for more than 10 years. I began as an intern during my senior year in high school, and I work with a great team. Everyone is very supportive. I've grown and learned so much, and the team is always open to new ideas and technologies. There are also many great benefits and opportunities for career growth at the Bank."

Ivy Truong, Supervision, Regulation & Credit

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