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"As a director in the Bank's internal audit department, I have the privilege of working with colleagues from across the Bank and the System. This enables me to have a unique perspective with deep knowledge of the Boston Fed and the Federal Reserve System as a whole. I take pride in knowing that I am a trusted, valued advisor who is able to provide management with forward looking insights and assurance whether their control activities are appropriately designed and working effectively."

Clement Nganga, Audit

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At the Boston Fed, sustainability is in our DNA: elements of energy conservation are evident in the very design of our building. We focus on both efficient operations and systems and continual consumption reduction and are a leader in our region, achieving LEED Gold Certification (Existing Buildings) in 2009 - 2010 and awarded the Earth Award by Boston’s Building Owners and Managers Association in 2013. The Bank was the first participant organization in the citywide Challenge for Sustainability to be named recipient of the Target 2020 Leaders Award in 2014 for achieving a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and we were among the first to join the Mayor’s Carbon Cup Challenge with the goal of a 35% reduction by 2020.

We look for consumption savings in every aspect of daily life at the Fed. Our beautiful 4th floor Roof Garden Patio is a “green roof”, a bio-organism that processes CO2 and reduces the temperature in surrounding areas. Our “white roof” blocks UV rays and reflects sunlight, which reduces energy consumption. Our cleaning program is “least harmful, chemical free” using powerful oxidized water – stronger and better than the usual green cleaning programs. Our employee action group, The Green Circle, supports employee engagement campaigns in reuse and recycling, from food services to eyeglasses, cellphones and even sneakers. In everything from our most complex HVAC systems to our “Big Belly” solar-powered trash compactor, our annual Energy Fairs and the “Juicebox” e-car charging station, we believe in the living the green life every day.

"As a research assistant, I have a chance to see all sides of the research process while working closely with my supervising economist. Supporting their work provides me with a strong foundation in research and analytical thought that will serve me well as I continue to pursue my goal of becoming an economist."

Melissa Gentry, Research

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