A Message from Research Director Geoff Tootell A Message from Research Director Geoff Tootell

As the director of the research department here at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, I’d like to highlight some of the opportunities available to you if you work here as a research assistant.

Research assistants serve many important functions in the department. Central to your job is assisting the department economists with their long-term research projects. Research assistants also help economists prepare briefings on current monetary policy issues, work on the staff economic forecast, write summaries on economic conditions for the nation and the region, and produce short-term economic analysis of their own. In sum, the Boston Fed research assistants play an essential role in all of the work that is done in the department.

Being a research assistant at the Boston Fed provides you with a significant opportunity for professional and intellectual development. Working with economists on their projects allows you to experience all stages of the economic research process. The department’s research assistants are provided significant opportunities to increase their knowledge of economics and quantitative methods, through both their work here and liberal policies allowing research assistants to take full advantage of the country’s most prestigious universities. The Boston Fed realizes this is just one step for you toward your ultimate career goals, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

I believe you will find that working as a research assistant at the Boston Fed will be a rewarding experience and will provide you with a good foundation for whichever career path you choose to pursue after your tenure here. Most of our former research assistants have gone on to top graduate schools in economics, law, public policy, and political science, while others have found job opportunities elsewhere in the Federal Reserve System. The Boston Fed is also, quite simply, a fun place to work.

I invite you to take a closer look at the Boston Fed and hope that you will consider joining our team of talented researchers who make important policy contributions to the local, regional, and national economy.

Geoff Tootell
Executive Vice President and Director of Research