Information Technology Information Technology

“Whether I am working with a close colleague or with someone for the first time, we are encouraged to share ideas and perspectives. The Bank’s environment has not only led to many innovative solutions, but has also created a genuinely respectful sense of community.”

Jenny Jew, Network Security Services

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Application Developer Application Developer

“One of the best parts about working at the Fed is fulfilling our mission of ‘public service that matters.’ We use our data to make tangible differences in the community and financial sector through thought sharing and best practices.”

Peter Aguiar, Network Security Services

Robotic Process Engineer Robotic Process Engineer

Robotic process automation (RPA) engineers use a specialized software tool that automates well-defined tasks such as file loading, approving transactions, duplicating data from one system to another and much more. RPA developers meet with clients, define current/future state process diagrams and develop solutions. Since RPA is a "Low Code / No Code" tool, often times RPA engineering is a career path for business analysts, system analysts, or naturally curious people.

Security Engineer Security Engineer