President Susan M. Collins' Meetings with External Parties

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston works to support a vibrant and inclusive economy for New England and the nation. As part of the U.S. central bank, the Boston Fed is one of the country’s 12 Reserve Banks. The Fed’s Congressional mandate is to promote maximum sustainable employment and price stability.

To achieve the Fed’s mission and mandate, President Collins continuously engages with a range of New England stakeholders in the economy and financial system. She hears and shares perspectives as she works to support economic opportunities and understand and address challenges. President Collins also makes public appearances and does media interviews to foster public awareness and understanding of the economy and the breadth of the Federal Reserve’s work, including policymaking.

This listing is published for transparency and includes scheduled meetings with external parties outside the Federal Reserve System that took place in person or by phone/video. (The listing does not include internal Reserve Bank or Federal Reserve System meetings, except for Federal Open Market Committee meetings, and it does not include impromptu phone calls made or received.)

The Boston Fed publishes the president’s meetings with external parties every quarter, with a one-quarter lag.

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