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Cash Services

Cash Services at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston delivers high-quality currency to First District depository institutions.

For more information, visit FedCash® - part of the national Federal Reserve Bank Services.

Business Continuity

If the normal provision of cash services is impaired, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will notify its customers via FedLine broadcast message, the District's Emergency Information Line message, and email messages to customers that have provided Cash contact email addresses. Please visit our National Cash Services business continuity page for more information.

Accessing Federal Reserve Cash Services
If your normal currency and coin ordering channels (e.g., FedLine for the Web) are unavailable, you can also place orders by contacting your local Federal Reserve office via telephone. Please see contact numbers provided below.

If the Boston Reserve Bank becomes inaccessible for an extended period of time, your financial institution may be directed to place orders with other Federal Reserve offices. You may also be informed about restrictions on currency and coin orders and deposits, and may be directed to alternative pick-up and delivery points.


Customer Service:

Currency and Coin Order Inquiries:

Fax Orders - Currency and Coin:

After-hours Emergency Bank Number:

District Relocation Facility:

Wholesale Payments

The Boston Wholesale Payments team is one of three Wholesale Operating Sites within the Federal Reserve System responsible for providing the majority of operational and customer support for the Fedwire Funds, Fedwire Securities, Joint Custody Collateral Service, and the National Settlement Service business lines.

For more information, visit the national Federal Reserve Bank Services site for information on FedWire® and the ePayments Routing Directory.

Business Continuity

The National Business Continuity Guide provides instructions for financial institutions should normal Boston Wholesale Payments operations become impaired. Services covered in the National Business Continuity Guide include:

  • Account Services
  • Discount Window
  • Electronic Access
  • FedACH
  • Reserves Administration
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Supervision and Regulation
  • Treasury Services (including Treasury Direct, TT&L, Treasury Auction, Savings Bonds and FR-ETA)
  • Fedwire Funds Transfer and Fedwire Securities Transfer