Additional Opportunities and Programs

Cash Services Cash Services

The Boston Fed’s Cash Services function is responsible for the distribution and supply of high-quality currency for the financial community, and ensuring that currency no longer fit for circulation is destroyed.

Cash Services performs a variety of functions, including issuing new currency on behalf of the U.S. Treasury, storing currency, processing and verifying financial institutions’ cash deposits, distributing currency and coin orders for financial institutions, detecting and removing counterfeit notes from circulation, destroying unfit currency, and providing contingency and emergency currency and coin services to financial institutions within the First District and other districts as needed.

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Corporate Communications Corporate Communications

The Corporate Communications team includes communication professionals, multimedia designers, and digital strategists who work collaboratively to enhance communication both internally within the Boston Fed and externally among members of the media, government officials, and the public at large.

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Real Estate Services Group Real Estate Services Group

The Real Estate Services Group maintains the integrity of the physical assets of Federal Reserve Plaza through sound resource planning and by providing timely, effective, and cost-efficient building services through best business practices and innovative technology.

Their responsibilities comprise a broad range of activities, and the staff includes professionals across a spectrum of skills who work collaboratively to provide a safe and attractive workplace for all building occupants.

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Human Resources Human Resources

Through the use of targeted policies and programs, Human Resources aims to attract, retain, and engage highly-skilled, capable, and diverse talent who have a passion for public service.

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Boston Fed Resurgence program Boston Fed Resurgence program

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Resurgence program is the first career reentry program in the Federal Reserve System. The Boston Fed has partnered with iRelaunch and the Society of Women Engineers to establish this pilot program dedicated to hiring candidates who have taken a career break and are actively seeking a return to the workforce. It was established in recognition of the strengths and attributes of the pool of mid-career professionals returning from extended leave or “career breaks” taken for a minimum of two years for a range of reasons. We value the career break as a time of enrichment and perspective broadening and are eager to engage with those who want to resume their careers.

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Internships and Co-ops Internships and Co-ops

The Boston Fed offers a variety of internship and co-op opportunities, both paid and unpaid, to high school and college students interested in economic research, technology, finance, accounting, human resources, and other fields. We seek students with strong academic backgrounds and an interest in developing their professional competencies in a collegial, mission-driven environment.

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Legal Legal

The Boston Fed’s Legal department serves as in-house counsel, strategic partner, and trusted advisor to the Bank’s various business areas. Their varied responsibilities include providing advice on contracts, employment, immigration, intellectual property, payments, Treasury business, conflicts of interest, and ethics.

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Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is dedicated to advancing and supporting diversity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunity at the Boston Fed. The ODEI works with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders to execute the Bank’s diversity and inclusion values, which include: providing fair access to career and procurement opportunities; providing a level playing field for training and development, key assignments, mentors and promotion; and leveraging diversity and inclusion for greater creativity, innovation and better business outcomes.

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Regional & Community Outreach Regional & Community Outreach

The Regional & Community Outreach (R&CO) department serves as the community development arm of the Boston Fed. We work with financial institutions, community-based organizations, policymakers, and others with an interest in supporting the economic strength of low- and moderate-income (LMI) people and communities in New England. We do this by convening stakeholders with similar goals, conducting research, and sharing ideas that work. We also collaborate with community development offices at the other Federal Reserve Banks to help advance nationwide initiatives.

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Payments Innovation Payments Innovation

The Boston Fed conducts research and convenes experts to support the continued evolution of the payments system and underlying technologies and standards. As part of the Federal Reserve System, we also play roles in operating the underpinnings of the U.S. payments system – from ensuring the availability of cash to banks to supporting wire transfer operations. We are also engaged in a variety of efforts on behalf of the Federal Reserve System in secure payments, applied financial technology and digital currency research, and mobile payments.

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