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“Everyone I work with at the Boston Fed is extremely motivated. Management is committed to their role at the Fed and encourages you to take advantage of opportunities to grow in your career.” 

Caitlin Plunkett, LEED-certified Business Analyst, Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services Group Real Estate Services Group

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The Boston Fed offers a variety of internship and co-op opportunities, both paid and unpaid, to high school and college students interested in economic research, technology, finance, accounting, human resources, and other fields. We seek students with strong academic backgrounds and an interest in developing their professional competencies in a collegial, mission-driven environment.

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"I value the mission of Regional and Community Outreach, which is to support low- and moderate-income people and communities in New England. An important part of the Fed identity is to remain impartial. Doing research with this ethical standard brings credibility to our work."

Erin Graves, Senior Policy Analyst & Advisor, Regional and Community Outreach

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Office of Diversity & Inclusion Office of Diversity & Inclusion

“As an auditor, my role is focused on offering management a different way of thinking about their processes and controls. Because the Bank values different perspectives, it’s inherently easier to propose potential enhancements.”

Cynthia Fernandes, Lead Auditor, Audit

Regional & Community Outreach Regional & Community Outreach

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