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An informal portrait photo of Allie Cole.

“As an economist in training, working directly with experienced economists and more tenured research assistants provides for constant on-the-job learning. There are also multiple opportunities to attend seminars given by visiting scholars that provide the unique chance to ask questions and learn firsthand about new publications.”

Allie Cole, Research Assistant, Research

An informal portrait of a BostonFed employee.

"My job has two pillars: academic research and advising senior management on regulatory and policy issues. In a culture of constant training and skill development, this creates a great environment for Ph.D. graduates who want to change the world."

Ali Ozdagli, Senior Economist, Research

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Research AssistantsResearch Assistants

An informal portrait photo of Christopher Foote.

“At the Boston Fed I work with other research economists to figure out where the economy is headed—a crucial piece of information for monetary policy. In my work here, I have a lot more freedom to pursue policy-relevant topics that I might have shied away from in academia.”

Chris Foote, Senior Economist, Research