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As part of the nation’s central bank, the Boston Fed shares responsibility for carrying out the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate—to promote price stability and maximize employment. The Research Department plays a key role in carrying out this mission by conducting original, empirical research, briefing the Bank President on our findings in preparation for his participation in FOMC deliberations and other monetary and economic policy discussions, providing analysis to our Board of Directors in support of their primary credit rate recommendations to the Board of Governors, and conducting periodic interviews with regional businesses to collect anecdotal information for the Beige Book.

We also aim to influence public policy decisions by participating in academic debates at conferences and through other scholarly outlets such as peer-reviewed journals. Our staff of economists, policy and data analysts, research assistants, computing technicians, editors, librarians and administrative specialists work together to achieve these goals.

Current Opportunities Current Opportunities

The Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston seeks a new or experienced macroeconomist with expertise in monetary economics and international macroeconomics.

Candidates interested may apply here.

Now Hiring - Research Assistant – New England Public Policy Center Now Hiring - Research Assistant – New England Public Policy Center

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has an immediate opening for a research assistant in the New England Public Policy Center of the Research Department. The New England Public Policy Center produces evidence-based research and analysis of economic and policy challenges relevant to the New England Region. In this role, the research assistant will work with the Director of the New England Public Policy Center whose interests range from applied microeconomics fields such as labor and demographic economics, public finance, health, education, and welfare economics, and/or urban and regional economics. If you have an interest in serving the public and seek a meaningful work experience as you consider graduate school and future career options, our Research Assistant Program can be an excellent interim step along your career path. Interested candidates may apply here.

Dissertation Fellowship Opportunities Dissertation Fellowship Opportunities

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is offering paid in-residence fellowships for graduate students in economics to conduct research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

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"My job has two pillars: academic research and advising senior management on regulatory and policy issues. In a culture of constant training and skill development, this creates a great environment for Ph.D. graduates who want to change the world."

Ali Ozdagli, Senior Economist, Research

Research Assistant Program Research Assistant Program

“At the Boston Fed I work with other research economists to figure out where the economy is headed—a crucial piece of information for monetary policy. In my work here, I have a lot more freedom to pursue policy-relevant topics that I might have shied away from in academia.”

Chris Foote, Senior Economist, Research