The Economics of a National Electronic Funds Transfer System The Economics of a National Electronic Funds Transfer System

Conference Series 13 Conference Series 13

This Event Has Ended This Event Has Ended

October 1974
Melvin Village, New Hampshire

The papers and comments included in this volume were presented at the thirteenth in a series of conferences sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. This conference focused on the economics of the development of a national electronic funds transfer system.


Entire Proceedings (11.1MB)

Frank E. Morris

Agendas for Action on the Payments Mechanism 
George W. Mitchell

Developing an Electronic Funds Transfer System: Incentives and Obstacles
Edwin B. Cox, with discussions by Robert H. Long and John S. Reed

Competition, Monopoly and Electronic Banking
Donald I. Baker

Dee W. Hock

Pricing and the Role of the Federal Reserve in an Electronic Funds Transfer System
Robert W. Eisenmenger, Alicia H. Munnell, and Steven J. Weiss with discussion by Almarin Phillips

Thrift Institutions and Small Commercial Banks in the EFTS
Mark J. Flannery, with discussion by Donald P. Jacobs

Implications of the Electronic Funds Transfer System for Non-Financial Corporations 
Richard F. Dundore, with discussion by Richard F. Kerr

Electronic Funds Transfer: A Technology in Search of a Market
Peter H. Schuck

Some Impacts of Electronic Funds Transfer on Consumer Transactions

Blair C. Shick, with discussion by Laurence H. Stone