The Economics of Large Government Deficits The Economics of Large Government Deficits

Conference Series 27 Conference Series 27

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Measuring and Analyzing the Cyclically Adjusted Budget
  Frank de Leeuw and Thomas M. Holloway; with discussion by Barry P. Bosworth

Theory of Optimum Deficits and Debt
  Willem H. Buiter; with discussion by Rudolph Penner

Implications of the Government Deficit for U.S. Capital Formation 
Benjamin M. Friedman; with discussion by Robert M. Solow and Albert M. Wojnilower

International Aspects of U.S. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  Paul R. Krugman; with discussion by Richard N. Cooper and Otto Eckstein

Will Big Deficits Spoil the Recovery? 
Richard W. Kopcke; with discussion by Preston J. Miller

Recommended Fiscal/Monetary Mix 
Lawrence R. Klein; with discussion by Saul H. Hymans