A primary responsibility of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's Applications Unit in the Supervision, Regulation and Credit Department is processing applications and notices that are submitted to the Federal Reserve System pursuant to the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended, and the Federal Reserve Act. Information concerning current applications and notices, comment periods, how to submit a comment to the Federal Reserve System, applications approved by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and how to request a copy of any application filed in the First Federal Reserve District is provided here.

Applications related questions may be submitted electronically to a mailbox at


E-Apps is a web-based application that allows banking organizations supervised by the Federal Reserve System to submit applications online, either directly or through their authorized representatives. E-Apps is intended for applications and notices related to bank holding company mergers, acquisitions, and non-banking activities; state member bank mergers and branch expansion; and international banking applications.

The process for submitting applications online has been carefully designed to ensure the confidentiality of the data and verify the identity of the filer. Individuals are issued a digital certificate to ensure that only authorized users can access the system.

To obtain access to E-Apps – sign up here. The necessary forms can be submitted electronically. Keep in mind, the sign-up process may take up to several business days.

For more information, contact the local E-Apps specialist, Katya Berezhnaya, at, or (617) 973-4286.

How to File Comments

Applications Subject to Public Comment (H.2A)

The H.2A maintains a list of applications and notices that have been filed or will be filed shortly that are subject to public comment.

Comments may be submitted electronically to a mailbox at The Federal Reserve System will consider comments and any request for a hearing on the applications or notices if they are received by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on or before the last date of the comment period.

Obtaining Copies of Applications

Requests for copies of public portions of applications or notices may be submitted electronically to a mailbox at Written requests may be directed to Scott Chu, Supervisory Analyst or Laura Calderwood, Supervisory Analyst at:

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Supervision, Regulation and Credit Department, H-3
600 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02210-2204

Please be advised that there may be a photocopying fee for each copy provided.

In order for the Reserve Bank to fulfill any request for copies, the following information MUST be provided via written request: name, address, telephone number, and the application of which a copy is requested.

Additional Information Related to Applications

Applications Filing Information
This link provides general information about the types of filings required by the Federal Reserve System and how they are processed.

Name Check Process for Domestic & International Applications
Under certain circumstances a name check may be required for certain proposed officers and directors and/or new principal shareholders of a supervised financial institution involved in an application under consideration by the Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve System Actions and Applications (H.2)
This page provides links to the H.2 reports concerning the actions of the Board of Governors, its staff, and the Federal Reserve Banks. The report also lists the applications received by each Federal Reserve Bank during the week, as well as Community Reinvestment Act ratings issued and examinations scheduled. The H.2 report is updated every Monday.

Semiannual Reports on Banking Applications Activity

Orders on Banking Applications

Applications Policy and Guidance
This page provides links to Federal Reserve guidance and other resources that are targeted at Applications.

Actions Taken by the First District Under Delegated Authority
This link provides a chronological list of actions taken by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston under delegated authority.