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The Federal Reserve System plays a major role in maintaining the stability and integrity of the nation's payments systems. The Boston Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve System are committed to providing you and your customers with quality payment and other business services that are reliable and secure.

Nonetheless, our services could be disrupted for a number of reasons, such as fire or water damage, or another event that prevents access to one of our buildings. We strongly encourage you to develop and refine your own business continuity plans that will facilitate the timely resumption of those business functions critical to your institution and your customers.

The Boston Reserve Bank has comprehensive procedures in place to assist in resuming critical business functions in the event of a disruption. We exercise these procedures on a regular basis to prepare our systems, staff and customers for recovery from all types of disruption situations. Our goal is to recover our systems and continue critical function processing the same day.

National Business Continuity Information

The National Business Continuity Guide provides continuity information for all Federal Reserve products and services in the unlikely event of a business disruption. The guide provides specific product and service information on:

  • Steps to take to prepare for a Federal Reserve business disruption
  • Actions to take during a Federal Reserve business disruption
  • Actions to take immediately following a Federal Reserve business disruption

We encourage you to:

  • Follow the instructions contained in this guide
  • Ensure you and your staff are familiar with these procedures in advance of a disruption
  • Keep a hard copy of all pertinent Business Continuity sections handy for easy access during an emergency
  • Review this guide periodically to ensure you have the most recent information

Cash Services

In the Event of a Business Disruption at the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Cash Services maintains comprehensive business continuity plans that will be activated in the event of a business disruption. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's business continuity plans are aligned with those of other Federal Reserve Districts to support continuity of service. Please visit the FedCash Services Business Continuity page for more information.

If the normal provision of cash services is impaired, the First District will notify its customers via: FedLine broadcast message, the District's Emergency Information Line message, and email messages to customers that have provided Cash contact email addresses.

Accessing Federal Reserve Cash Services

If your normal currency and coin ordering channels (e.g., FedLine for the Web) are unavailable, you can also place orders by contacting your local Federal Reserve office via telephone. Please see contact numbers provided below.

If the Boston Reserve Bank becomes inaccessible for an extended period of time, your financial institution may be directed to place orders with other Federal Reserve offices. You may also be informed about restrictions on currency and coin orders and deposits, and may be directed to alternative pick-up and delivery points.

Contacts Contacts

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District Relocation Facility
Fax Orders - Currency and Coin
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