July 2020 July 2020

During the month, President Rosengren conducted a series of calls with various bankers and key industry leaders regarding the Main Street lending facility. These calls are frequent and ongoing.

This listing includes meetings with parties external to the Federal Reserve System — not internal Bank or System meetings. It includes structured meetings taking place in person or by phone, not impromptu phone calls made or received. This does not include meetings with non-profit organizations; President Rosengren is a trustee of Colby College and a member of the Economics Advisory Board, University of Wisconsin.

July 4 Financial Stability and Global Economy conference, University of Chicago, virtual meeting
Topic: Share perspectives on economic and financial conditions
July 8 Interviews with Larry Edelman, The Boston Globe; Hannah Lang, American Banker; Jonnelle Marte, Reuters; Jeanna Smialek, The New York Times; James Politi, Financial Times; Paul Kiernan and Nick Timiraos, The Wall Street Journal
Topic: Media interviews
July 9 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Board of Directors Meeting
July 15 Call with James Stock, Professor, Harvard University
Topic: Gather perspectives on the economy
July 16 Meeting of the External Diversity Advisory Council, virtual meeting
Topic: Council meeting
July 23 Conference call with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Board of Directors Executive Committee