Education Resources

The Boston Fed does not offer onsite educational programs for students and other visitors. Read about our current community development efforts and areas of focus here.

For those seeking award-winning classroom resources for teaching about money and banking, economics, personal finance, and the Federal Reserve, we highly recommend the St. Louis Fed's econlowdown website. K-16 educators can view videos and download lessons, whiteboard applications, readings, and PowerPoint presentations, or register as an instructor and enroll students in online courses. Additionally through this portal, teachers of all grade levels can earn three different types of educational credit for completing select online professional development courses. Educators interested in virtual professional development programs such as Planet Money + Econ Lowdown Resources or AP Economics Summer Institute should visit the St. Louis Fed's economic education event portal. Finally, is a one-stop gateway to all Federal Reserve System economic and personal finance education resources.

We encourage consumers to check out the CFPB website and the Federal Reserve Board's Consumer Help portal, both of which offer valuable information and resources, including avenues for reporting unfair, deceptive, or otherwise abusive practices and submitting a formal complaint about a financial product or service provider.

For years, the Boston Fed offered online games designed to engage both youth and adults in exploring a range of economic topics. These popular games, including "Peanuts & Crackerjacks" and "Showbusiness: The Economics of Entertainment," are currently offline for needed maintenance and may return for public use in the future. Updates on their availability will be provided as available.

The Boston Fed does not maintain printed copies of publications; however, electronic versions of our publications are available on our website.

Fed Challenge

The Boston Fed has served as host venue for the First District College Fed Challenge (CFC), an annual competition for college students organized by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these competitions have been held virtually. Participants play the role of the Federal Reserve by analyzing economic conditions and recommending an appropriate course for monetary policy. The competition encourages the development of important skills such as research and analysis, decision-making, argument formulation, and effective communication. For information about participating in CFC in the New England region (First District), contact the Boston Fed Challenge Leadership Council.*

*The Boston Fed Challenge Leadership Council is not affiliated with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston or the Federal Reserve system.