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Smaller Industrial Cities Smaller Industrial Cities

Household Financial Stability & Economic Mobility Household Financial Stability & Economic Mobility

It is critical that lower-income families and individuals have resources available to build assets, access credit, and invest for the future. The Boston Fed is leading several initiatives to help lower-income households overcome the barriers they face to financial stability and increase their opportunities to prosper economically.

Current initiatives to advance the financial stability of low-income residents focus on several different strategies. These include supporting Children’s Savings Accounts and promoting related research on promising tools for building economic strength; working with community colleges to help increase the capacity of their students—many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds—to better manage their financial situations and increase their college persistence and success; exploring how  technology can help asset-building interventions, such as matched-savings programs, be more effective; and studying and highlighting troubling racial wealth disparities in communities of color.

Increasing Employment Opportunities Increasing Employment Opportunities

A Boston Fed hands-on event that explored soft-skill credentialing and the potential of the new credentialing technique, digital badging, as a toll for improving workforce outcomes.

Emerging Low- and Moderate-Income Issues Emerging Low- and Moderate-Income Issues

A compilation of service providers' perceptions of the economic and financial conditions of lower-income communities and individuals in New England and the organizations that serve them.