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Conference Series 7 Conference Series 7

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January 7-8, 1972
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

The conference was held in cooperation with the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

The conference was a joint effort. The New England School Development Council obtained the speakers, and invited interested school administrators, school board members, local and state government officials, and leaders in public service. The Council provided those attending the conference with materials to supplement the talks. The Harvard Graduate School of Education provided all facilities for the conference, and made it possible for the twelfth Alfred Dexter Simpson Lecture to be part of the program.


Entire Proceedings (13.5MB)

   Frank E. Morris, Robert S. Ireland, and Theodore R. Sizer.

The Issues

The Cost-Revenue Squeeze 
   Francis Keppel

Comparative School Finance Data, New England States vs. California
   Steven J. Weiss and Deborah Driscoll

Inequities in the Benefits and Burdens of Public Education 
  Arthur E. Wise

The Judicial Impact
  Paul R. Dimond

The Art of the Possible 
  Donald R. Dwight

Alternative Support Patterns

Tax Equity and Educational Equality 
  Robert T. Capeless

What We Have Already Tried in State-Local Support Systems 
Charles S. Benson

Alternative Federal Roles in School Finance
William G. Colman

Full State Funding
  The Alfred Dexter Simpson Lecture

Governor Milton J. Shapp's Proposal for a National Education Trust Fund
  A. Edward Simon

The Continuing Responsibility of Educators 
  Francis Keppel