Real Estate and the Credit Crunch Real Estate and the Credit Crunch

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Real Estate and the Credit Crunch: An Overview
  Lynn E. Browne and Eric S. Rosengren

Patterns and Determinants of Metropolitan House Prices, 1977 to 1991 
Jesse M. Abraham and Patric H. Hendershott; with discussion by William C. Apgar, Jr. and James A. Wilcox

How the Commercial Real Estate Boom Undid the Banks
  Lynn E. Browne and Karl E. Case; with discussion by Peter C. Aldrich and David Shulman

Financial Institutions and the Collapse of Real Estate Markets
  Donald D. Hester; with discussion by James R. Barth and Gerard S. Cassidy

Crunching the Recovery: Bank Capital and the Role of Bank Credit 
Joe Peek and Eric S. Rosengren; with discussion by William M. Crozier, Jr. and Albert M. Wojnilower

Banks and Real Estate: Regulating the Unholy Alliance
  Robert E. Litan; with discussion by Robert R. Glauber and Sherman J. Maisel

Tax Reform and the Housing Market in the Late 1980s: Who Knew What, and When Did They Know It?
  James M. Poterba; with discussion by Martin Feldstein and Richard A. Musgrave