Saving and Government Policy Saving and Government Policy

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The Concept and Measurement of Savings: The United States and Other Industrialized Countries
Derek W. Blades and Peter H. Sturm, with discussion by Paul A. Wachtel and Edward F. Denison

Tax Incentives to Promote Personal Saving: Recent Canadian Experience
Gregory V. Jump; with discussion by Alan S. Blinder and David F. Bradford

Issues in the Measurement and Encouragement of Business Saving
Alan J. Auerbach; with discussion by Martin N. Baily and Robert Eisner

Macroeconomic Policy and Domestic Saving
Rudolph G. Penner; with discussion by James Tobin

National Saving and International Investment
Norman S. Fieleke; with discussion by Stanley W. Black

Reflections on Saving Behavior
Robert M. Solow; with discussion by Henry C. Wallich