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Highlights of local and national media coverage of the Boston Fed and its leadership team Highlights of local and national media coverage of the Boston Fed and its leadership team


The Boston Fed and its leadership team help shape regional and national economic policy. This is a continuously updated page that documents media mentions of the Bank and its leadership.

Wall Street Journal | April 15, 2019
"Fed Official Is Open to Adopting an Inflation Target Range"
"The leader of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston said he favors the central bank moving from using interest-rate policy to achieve 2% inflation to a regime that targets a range of price pressures, in remarks that also offer a positive view of the U.S. economy."

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Boston Neighborhood Network | April 11, 2019
"Conversions Threaten Affordable Housing Supply"

Nicholas Chiumenti of Boston Fed's New England Public Policy Center talks yo BNN host Chris Lovett about his new report on the accelerating loss of affordable housing units in Massachusetts — and how to meet the needs of households with the highest rent burden. 

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Boston Globe | April 3, 2019
"Boston Fed report paints bleak picture for low income renters"

"A report released Wednesday by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston said the state has 274,842 “extremely low-income households” — those earning up to $22,650 for a single person and no more than $29,150 for a family of three — and just 133,551 apartments available at rents they can afford."

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Bloomberg | Mar. 26, 2019
"Fed’s Rosengren Hangs On to Hiking Bias Despite Rising Risks"

Rosengren: “I’m also quite willing to accept that if the economy weakens and the global economy weakens more than I’m anticipating — and the recent data could be consistent with that, then the next move could be down.”

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Wall Street Journal | Mar. 25, 2019
"Fed’s Rosengren Says Fed Balance Sheet Cuts Didn’t Cause Late 2018 Market Woes"

Rosengren: “Some market analysts attribute turbulence in financial markets during the fourth quarter of 2018 to the Federal Reserve’s continuing reduction of the size of its balance sheet,” he said. “Concerns about the international economy, potential trade disputes and a U.S. government shutdown are much more plausible explanations for the financial market turbulence.” 

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The Washington Post | Mar. 5, 2019
“Federal Reserve Keeps Hinting No More Interest-Rate Hikes Until Summer 2019, If Not Longer” 

Rosengren: “It may be several meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee before Fed policymakers have a clearer read on whether the risks are becoming reality — and by how much the economy will slow compared to last year,” said Rosengren in a speech, adding “patiently watching” is the best policy for now.

Wall Street Journal | Feb. 24, 2019
“Fed Embarks on a Rethink of Its Inflation Target” 

Rosengren: “You can have the exact same inflation target, but … how you measure it [can] give you more space.” Right now, the Fed isn’t very specific about how it sets the target, he said. “Is it backward looking? Is it forward looking? Is it over a long period? Is it over a short period?” 

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Reduction in state funding for Massachusetts public colleges has increased tuition costs and student loan debt, study finds

Excerpt: "In the Federal Reserve report, researchers recommend that policymakers 'provide robust financial support' for public higher education. That financial support is especially necessary for community colleges, the report says, where the student population tends to include more racial minorities and low-income students who are more vulnerable to the negative effects of decreased state funding.

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Worcester Business Journal | Feb. 14, 2019
"Economic Risks on the Horizon, Boston Fed economist says" 

Excerpt: Fuhrer didn't warn against drastic economic effects of the recent government shutdown, tariffs or even the national debt. More worrisome, he said, might be what appears to be slower growth elsewhere, particularly China. "The rest of the world seems to be slowing down, importantly China," he said.

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The Wall Street Journal | Feb. 11, 2019
“Fed Officials Near Plan to Finish Portfolio Wind-Down” 

Rosengren: Several Fed officials recently have said they don’t want to reduce reserves to levels that might fuel volatility in short-term money markets. “I want reserves to be high enough where that’s not a particular concern.”

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The Boston Globe Jan. 9, 2019
“Boston Fed’s Rosengren Urges Flexibility on Future Rate Hikes” 

Rosengren: “I personally suspect that financial market sentiment may have become unduly pessimistic. Economic growth was quite strong in 2018, and some of that strength is likely to carry forward.”

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