Boston Fed launches new website Boston Fed launches new website

3Qs with Bank's First Vice President Ken Montgomery 3Qs with Bank's First Vice President Ken Montgomery

July 30, 2016

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has a new website, designed to highlight the Bank’s work in economic research, bank supervision, payments, and community development – and be generally more user-friendly for visitors. We asked First Vice President Ken Montgomery to tell us more about the thought behind the new site. 

1. Why overhaul

While our previous site was informative, it was not fully reflective of the Federal Reserve Bank that we are today. The new site is meant to give people a better sense of our organization – who we are, and what we do. Above all, that we are committed to the mission of the Federal Reserve and the constituents we serve.

In many ways your web presence defines how people see you as an organization. Just as we are a prominent fixture on the Boston skyline, we’ve made our website a more welcoming ‘front door’ to the Boston Fed. 

2. The Boston Fed is made up of experts working on various facets of economic stability. Does that mean economists are your primary audience?

Our constituencies are varied. We designed this website to surface the Bank’s interesting work, initiatives, and stories that illustrate our staff’s expertise in monetary policy-making and economic research, bank supervision, innovations in the payments industry, cybersecurity, and community development. We want anyone working in these areas to think of as a resource.

3. Did you have particular ideas or goals in mind for the new site?

Overall, we viewed this as an opportunity to provide a window into the Federal Reserve; our goal was to create an informative, transparent, and engaging experience. The site’s responsive design reflects our commitment to ensuring a broad reach, no matter what sort of device you happen to be using.

Our hope is to share the important research and information coming out of the Boston Fed with New England – and the nation and the world – in an easily accessible, timely manner. Visitors will notice a new emphasis on ‘news,’ for instance, and we have organized all our publications and research in a central database, among other notable improvements. But we expect the site to evolve – any website must remain fresh and relevant.

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