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Primary fields of research

Macroeconomics, international finance


Journal articles

"Price Setting in Online Markets: Does IT Click?" with Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Oleksandr Talavera.  Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted for publication.

Working papers

"Inflation Expectations and Nonlinearities in the Phillips Curve," with Alexander Doser, Ricardo Nunes, and Nikhil Rao. 2017. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Working Papers No. 17-11.

"The Effects of Government Spending on Real Exchange Rates: Evidence from Military Spending Panel Data," with Wataru Miyamoto and Thuy Lan Nguyen. 2016. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Working Papers No. 16-14.

"Price Dispersion and Inflation: New Facts and Theoretical Implications." 2015. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Working Papers No. 15-10.

"Output Response to Government Spending: Evidence from New International Military Spending Data," with Sandra Spirovska. 2015. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Working Papers No. 15-9. A revised draft available at

Short papers

"The Responses of Internet Retail Prices to Aggregate Shocks: A High-Frequency Approach," with Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Oleksandr Talavera. 2017. Under review.

Policy papers

"Sectoral Inflation and the Phillips Curve: What Has Changed since the Great Recession?" with María José Luengo-Prado and Nikhil Rao. 2017. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Current Policy Perspectives No. 17-5.


"Government Spending and Real Exchange Rates": Society for Economic Dynamics (Edinburgh, U.K., 2017); Midwest macro spring meeting (Louisiana State University, 2017); FRS international economic analysis meeting (El Paso, TX, 2017); West Coast workshop in international finance (Santa Clara University, 2016). Presented by coauthor: Econometric Society European meeting (Lisbon, Portugal, 2017); International Association for Applied Econometrics (Sapporo, Japan, 2017); Keio University, Japan (2017); Econometric Society Asia meeting (Hong Kong, 2017); Bank of Canada (2017 and 2016); Vanderbilt University (2016); World Bank (2016); Econometric Society Asia meeting (Kyoto, Japan, 2016); International Monetary Fund (2016).

"Output Response to Government Spending": FRS day-ahead meeting (San Antonio, TX, 2017), Computing in Economics and Finance (Bordeaux, France, 2016), FRS macro meeting (Nashville, TN, 2016), University of California, Berkeley (GEMS, 2013).

"Price Setting in Online Markets": Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (2015); NBER Summer Institute, EFG Price Dynamics (2014); University of California, Berkeley (GEMS, 2012). Presented by coauthor: 19th annual De Nederlandsche Bank research conference (Amsterdam, Netherlands), NBER International Comparisons of Income, Prices, and Production (MIT Sloan, 2016); FRS Board of Governors (2015); University of California, Irvine (2015); University of California, Santa Cruz (2015); Royal Economic Society Annual Conference (Manchester, U.K., 2015); 1st International Conference in Applied Theory, Macro, and Empirical Finance (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2015); 14th EBES Conference (Barcelona, Spain, 2014).

"Price Dispersion and Inflation": University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Bank of Canada; Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Simon Fraser University, Canada; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; Cornerstone Research (Washington, DC); College of William and Mary; Vanderbilt University; University of California, Irvine; University of Hawaii, Manoa (all 2014); University of California, Berkeley (2013).


"The Inflation Expectations of Firms: What Do They Look Like, Are They Accurate, and Do They Matter?" by M. Bryan, B. Meyer, and N. Parker (FRS macro meeting; Los Angeles, CA, 2015)

Refereeing activity

Journal of money, credit and banking; Review of economics and statistics; Macroeconomic dynamics

Public speaking

Career in Economics and Finance (FRB Boston, 2017); Vienna University of Economics and Business field trip (FRB Boston, 2016); University of Massachusetts, Boston (2015)

Fellowships and awards

Best paper award, 14th EBES Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 2014
Graduate division summer grant, UC Berkeley, 2013
Dean's normative time fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2012–2013
Outstanding graduate student instructor award (student evaluations), UC Berkeley, 2011
Economics department fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2008–2012
International House fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2008–2009
Kytasty award (best MA thesis), EERC, Ukraine, 2008
Witte scholarship (GPA), Odessa National Mechnikov University, Ukraine, 2005