New England Community Development

Issue 1 (2010) Issue 1 (2010)

New England Community Development | 2010 |Issue 1 (2010)

Maintaining Diversity in America's Transit-Rich Neighborhoods: Tools for Equitable Neighborhood Change

In some newly transit-rich neighborhoods (TRNs), a new station can set in motion a cycle of unintended consequences in which core transit users—such as renters and low-income households—are priced out of the neighborhood in favor of higher-income, car-owning residents who are less likely to use public transit. The authors describe these patterns and present policy tools for shaping equitable neighborhood change.

by Stephanie Pollack, Barry Bluestone, and Chase Billingham

New England Community Development | 2010 |Issue 1 (2010)

The Changing Faces of America's Children and Youth

Recent U.S. Census Bureau projections indicate that by the middle of this century, non-Hispanic whites will cease to be a majority of the American population. In this article we document how for America's youngest residents, the future is already here. America's rapidly changing racial and ethnic composition has important implications for intergroup relations, ethnic identities, and electoral politics.

by Kenneth M. Johnson and Daniel T. Lichter