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New England Fiscal Facts coverFall 2002- Number 29
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Feature Articles

Dealing with Deficits: How New England States Are Managing the Fiscal Crisis
by E. Matthew Quigley, with Amanda Lydon

Following the economic boom of the late 1990s, the current recessionary period has caused revenues to decline and demand for government services to rise. Now, government executives and lawmakers, faced with persistent budget deficits, are struggling with difficult decisions: “What cuts should we make?” “Could we, should we, raise taxes?” “How deeply do we dip into quickly diminishing reserves?”... Full-text article with charts pdf

Six-State Review
by E. Matthew Quigley, with Lin Gong and Amanda Lydon

New England states are facing their worst fiscal crises in at least a decade. General revenues, especially those from the personal income tax, fell sharply in every New England state except New Hampshire in FY2002... Full text article pdf