Mobilizing Consumers to Shop Mobilizing Consumers to Shop

February 1, 2016

Over the past few years, greater availability of smartphones with advanced functionalities (e.g., near field communication (NFC) and fingerprint scanners) has helped to promote consumer use of their mobile phones to shop. Consumers make purchases online and in stores with new mobile/digital wallets supported on iPhones and Android devices. This Everyday Mobile three-part brief series examines some of the challenges associated with mobile payments and provides recommendations for improving adoption. Brief 1: When Less is More: Simpler Checkout Can Lead to More Mobile Transactions discusses the importance of a convenient, efficient online checkout process. Brief 2: A Two-sided Challenge to Mobile Payments Adoption: The Importance of Educating Consumers and Merchants highlights the value of staff training and consumer education when introducing a new payment technology. Brief 3: Solving Real Pain Points: How Parking Apps Drive Mobile Payment Adoption illustrates how positive user experience and habitual payments can influence consumer behavior and expand mobile payments adoption.

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