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September 1, 2001

Diagnosis Shortage by Carrie Conaway

Health care providers are already struggling to find enough registered nurses. The situation only promises to get worse.


Competition and Opportunity by Richard N. Cooper and Jane Sneddon

Little While the Fed's policy focus remains domestic, international forces have changed U.S. banking and how monetary policy works.


Heat, Light, and Taxes in the Granite State by Robert Tannenwald

When the courts ruled New Hampshire's school funding plan unconstitutional, the governor appointed a blue-ribbon commission to evaluate the options.


Perspective: Is Margin Lending Marginal? by Peter Fortune Despite popular belief that buying stock on margin is a source of market instability, the Fed has not changed margin requirements since 1974. Is there a case for an activist margin policy?



When it's the house that moves; how retailers and manufacturers try to shift inventory costs.

Letter from Andover, Vermont by Susan Ritz.

From Readers

Readers share their views on individual transferable fishing quotas, the (relatively) low cost of veterinary care, and keys to successfully building your dream house.